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April 04, 2013
Casual Living RoomDo you ever walk through your home and think that each room looks entirely different from one another and are missing a common theme or personality in your decorating style? Defining your style can help create a sense of cohesion and allow you to begin incorporating accessories and items with a more common look and feel. Here are some tips to identifying your own personal style.

1. Review Your Current Furniture

Walk through your home with a pad in hand with two columns. “Love it” and “Wish I could replace it” and categorize the furniture, accessories and artwork throughout your home.

2. Gather Your Favorite Items

Gather up your favorite items and accessories. This could be photos, artwork, books, jewelry, clothing, accent pillows and the like. You should also think about family trips you have taken that you all enjoyed. Maybe it was a camping trip, a trip to the beach, or something more exotic and make note of these occasions as well.

3. Assess Your Lifestyle

Your home is an extension of your family’s lifestyle. A casual family in an ultra formal environment will feel out of place and vice versa. It is also worth thinking about animals, convenience, and take family dynamics into account when you are thinking about a style that will make everyone happy and comfortable in the home.

4. Review

Look at your list and begin identifying commonalities between all of these items. It could be the color, materials, shape, or feel of the items that you like. Do you prefer crisp clean lines and tailored clothing or do many or your items have a vintage feel to them? Whatever unites your favorite furniture and items should be a clear indicator of what type of style you should try to achieve in your home décor.

Now it is time to start incorporating those design features and colors to begin tying together the rooms and pieces throughout your home. Remember your home is an extension of your family and you should choose a style that reflects all of who you are as a unit.

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