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June 16, 2014
Phoenix home prices increaseHome values are climbing in Phoenix—or leaping, depending on how you look at it. Median home prices increased $9,500 this March, a tremendous boost for any city, but especially a metropolitan area that the recession hit particularly hard. The growth in the Arizona real estate market has encouraged local and national economists, and it’s a good sign for anyone looking to buy a home in Phoenix.

Phoenix Homes Are Worth More

The average sale price of a Phoenix home rose from $195,000 in February to $204,500 in March—a tremendous 4.9% increase. The news was especially welcome to Phoenix homeowners who continue to struggle with underwater mortgages. More and more are achieving positive equity in the area due to boosts like this. Though 60% of Phoenix homeowners experienced underwater mortgages at the end of 2011, that figure has dropped by two-thirds as the housing market has recovered.

The Cause for the Jump

While these figures are remarkable, they’re partially explained by an annual increase in home sales during the spring. With the weather more temperate, March is often a good time to visit Phoenix—for tourists and homebuyers. That said, actual home sales were down 20% in March compared to the same month last year, with fewer new homes being built in the area. This lower inventory has resulted in increases in median home prices, but some analysts believe the interest to buy a home is there; people are just cautious to make the purchase. If this is true for Phoenix real estate, homeowners trying to sell may be encouraged that they just need to be patient, and homebuyers might gain a competitive edge by bidding and signing quickly.

The Future of the Phoenix Housing Market

Local analysts predict the real estate market will face its usual summer slump, as “snow birds” and other luxury homebuyers leave Arizona for a cooler climate. Home prices will likely see increases level out, but once the weather cools they should climb again. Economists have been looking at 2015 as the year when people who faced foreclosures and short sales during the recession will reenter the market as new buyers. This higher demand will be good for every housing market, especially Phoenix.



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