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How to Build Up Equity in Your Home More Quickly

January 21, 2014

Paying off your mortgage early can seem like an impossible feat, especially if your budget is already tight. Building up equity more quickly does require some work, but it can be manageable, if you strategize correctly. If you want to cut down on the life of your loan, consider one or more of these tips. […]

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HARP Update! What Changes to Expect from HARP 3.0

October 31, 2013

Since its launch in 2009, HARP, the Home Affordable Refinance Program, has saved millions of Americans thousands of dollars every year on their mortgages. Its goal has always been simple: assist American homeowners who were hit especially hard by the recession. From every angle the program has succeeded. In each of its iterations, HARP expands to […]

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What to Consider Before You Apply for a HELOC

September 27, 2013 great ways to save when you're ready to buy a house

If you are in the market for some credit and have built some equity in your home, a home equity loan can be a low interest option worth considering. Whether you want to use it to pay off some higher interest debt, are making some home improvements, or want to make another big ticket purchase, […]

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Is It Still a Good Time to Refinance?

September 19, 2013

With mortgage interest rates no longer hovering in the 3% range, refinancing may not look as tantalizing as it did just a few months ago. On average, homeowners who refinanced in Q1 reduced their rate by 1.9%, which amounts to tens of thousands of dollars in savings over the life of the loan. Those huge […]

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Understanding How Your Credit Score is Determined

August 28, 2013

Everyone knows the importance of a good credit score, even if you don’t know what your credit score is. More unknown is how lenders calculate a credit score. The most prominent method emerged in the early 1980s by the Fair Isaac Corporation in conjunction with three large credit companies. Over the years investors have learned which factors […]

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Mortgage Delinquencies Down, Housing Market Up

August 09, 2013

According to a report released by TransUnion, the national mortgage delinquency rate fell nearly 26% in the second quarter compared to the same period last year. In fact, every state and the District of Columbia demonstrated a lower delinquency rate. This suggests continued signs of strength in the housing sector and added optimism as the […]

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