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5 Must-Knows for Anyone Moving to Indianapolis

June 11, 2014

Moving anywhere can be daunting, especially if it’s someplace totally new. With its low cost of living, strong job growth, and steady migration, thousands of people are moving to Indianapolis every year. If you’re one of them, we’ve gathered 5 must-knows to make the transition a smooth one. 1. Prepare for Four Legitimate Seasons The weather […]

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3 Things to Know Before Moving to Minneapolis

June 06, 2014

Minneapolis is a gem of the midwest, known for its lakes and emerging music scene and bikeability. The city has a million wonderful attributes, but if you’re about to move there, there are a few essential things you should know. 1. The Winters Are That Cold No one’s exaggerating when they talk about the frigid Minnesotan […]

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Is Columbus, OH a Bike-Friendly City?

May 23, 2014

In short: Yes. Throughout the past five years, urban planners in Columbus have worked diligently to make their city more accommodating to bike commuters. The effort is part of a 20-year plan to overhaul the city’s infrastructure and create safer, more navigable streets for residents who bike. So far their efforts are paying off. If […]

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The Top 5 Jacksonville Neighborhoods for Young Families

May 21, 2014

Jacksonville is a family city. Nearly 65% of households in the city limits have children, a figure that increases the farther you go from downtown. This is good news for any family hoping to buy a home in Jacksonville, since every neighborhood will have other families living in it. A few, though, are better for […]

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How to Remove the Smell of Smoke From Your Home…Permanently

May 19, 2014

Everyone knows smoking affects your health, and anyone who’s tried to sell the home of a smoker knows it affects real estate value too. Houses that are structurally sound, modernized, and in a good neighborhood can sit on the market for months, sometimes years, if they smell like smoke. Buyers assume the smell will last […]

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10 Things You Never Knew about Phoenix

May 13, 2014

Even people who’ve never visited Phoenix, Arizona have an idea of what to expect from the city: desert climate, suburban sprawl, brown landscape and architecture. Accurate or not, these images don’t represent the city fully. Arizona is a beautifully diverse state, and its capital is no exception. Whether you’re moving to the city or have […]

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