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Here’s More Good News for the Atlanta Housing Market

October 09, 2014

The Atlanta housing market felt the effects of the Recession particularly hard. As the economy all over the nation struggled, local home values sank, which forced most mortgages underwater, which resulted in thousands of Georgia homeowners defaulting on their loans. It seemed for awhile that risk of foreclosure was the norm in Atlanta real estate, because so many […]

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The Real Reason Everyone’s Moving to Texas

October 08, 2014

From hats to hair and trucks to baked potatoes, Texas more often than not lives up to its slogan: Everything’s bigger in the Lone Star State. The phrase was first used to describe the state’s geography, but it applies to just about everything these days, including the Texas housing market. In 2013, census figures showed […]

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The Best (and Worst) Qualities in a Real Estate Agent

September 23, 2014

Whether you’re buying or selling a home, we think there are many good reasons to use a real estate agent. Beyond having a wealth of knowledge about local real estate trends and the legal steps involved, an agent can serve as your advocate when bidding on your home—or can help you avoid the risks of […]

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3 Great Jacksonville Neighborhoods for First-Time Homebuyers

September 16, 2014

Deciding where to purchase a home is among the first questions any Florida homebuyer asks themselves. The answer, of course, depends on a dozen factors—a few of which are specific to first-time homebuyers. Your starter home in North Florida should be affordable, sensible, and in a place you’d like to live. That isn’t always easy […]

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How to Choose the Best-Sized Home for Your Needs

September 12, 2014

For most Americans, buying a home is the biggest purchase they’ll ever make. A lot of costs add up when buying a home, but beyond the price tag, houses last much longer than just about anything else you will ever buy. There’s significant pressure, then, to buy a home that’s the right size for you […]

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Is This the End of the Denver Home Inventory Shortage?

September 11, 2014

If you’ve been looking for a home in Denver this year, you know it’s been hard to even bid on a property before it gets snatched up. Deemed a “hot housing market,” the Mile High City has been great for homeowners in recent months—but not so great for homebuyers. Rising values and a home inventory […]

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Millennials Find Their American Dream in the Midwest

August 29, 2014

Historically, Americans have moved to the coasts to find new careers and homes in popular Californian and New York cities. But recently Americans are moving to the Midwest, where affordable housing is readily available. They’re trading in high house payments, miserable traffic jams, and limited job availability for security and space in the central U.S. […]

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