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The Top 10 Unexpected Costs of Homeownership

November 05, 2014 Before you buy a home, you need to know all of the unexpected costs of homeownership.

Before you buy a home, before you even look at home listings, you have to look at your finances to learn what kind of property you can afford. When renters become buyers, their instinct is to look at their rent and buy a home that will have a similar monthly mortgage payment. That’s a fine place to […]

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10 Things You Never Knew About Atlanta

November 03, 2014 Think you know Atlanta? You probably don't know these 10 facts!

You can live in a place your whole life and never really know it—or you can move there and feel behind the curve about everything from highway names to history. Whether you’re a Georgia resident born and raised or someone who just decided to buy a home in Atlanta, we’ve got you covered. These are 10 of […]

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Salt Lake City: Your Next Ski Destination

October 31, 2014

Forget ski towns, says a recent branding campaign for the capital of Utah: Come to America’s Ski City. “Ski City USA” is the new moniker from Visit Salt Lake, the organization responsible for attracting tourists to the area—tourists, it should be noted, and new residents. Many people are moving to Salt Lake City for the same […]

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What You Can Do If Your Indianapolis Home Doesn’t Sell

October 27, 2014

Selling a home in Indianapolis is tough right now. Real estate activity in all of Indiana has slowed each month in 2014, and September marked a cheerless milestone: For the 12th straight month, home sales were down when compared to a year before. Many factors have contributed to this slump, but the implications are the same for […]

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6 Ways to Leverage the Uptick in Columbus Home Sales

October 23, 2014 With more demand in the Columbus housing market, you need to know how to sell your home faster.

Home sales in Central Ohio are up. According to the latest statistics, September saw a 1.3% increase of home sales in Columbus and its surrounding counties. The uptick is welcome news to any Columbus homeowner, especially those trying to sell their home, since the real estate market has been slower throughout most of the year. Columbus home sales were […]

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Need to Increase Your Net Worth? Stop Renting!

October 21, 2014 If you want to increase your net worth, the first and best thing to do is buy a home.

Net worth isn’t just something celebrities have. Technically, everyone has some level of net worth, but just how much depends on a number of factors. According to a new report from the Federal Reserve Survey of Consumer Finances, one factor matters more than just about anything else: Are you a homeowner? Depending on how you answer […]

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What Recession? The Recent Boom in Jacksonville Real Estate

October 17, 2014 The recession seems like a lifetime away with this recent growth in the Jacksonville housing market.

In some housing markets right now, you’d never know the recession ever happened. It may be that home values continue to steadily increase, or that new developments are appearing every day, or that people are moving there in droves. For Jacksonville, Florida, it’s all of the above. Recent activity in Duval County real estate has driven some […]

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