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Portland Oregon’s Distillery Explosion

March 06, 2013

Much like the micro beer explosion of the 80’s and 90’s, Oregon and the Portland area have recently witnessed a boom in hand crafted liquors and spirits. In fact, something truly unique is occurring in Portland; distillers call it “a craft distillation revolution.” A handful of innovative small distilleries are making handcrafted, locally distilled spirits available […]

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Why Being A First Time Homebuyer In Portland, Oregon Rocks

February 05, 2013

With its ‘Keep Portland Weird’ mystique, swarms of bicyclists, resistance to conformity, and general apathy for outsiders, Portland, Oregon may not be for everyone. But don’t let shows like Portlandia frame this charming little city as the West Coast’s stepchild. Tales of Portland’s ‘weirdness’ are largely exaggerated; in fact, Portland offers many lifestyle benefits to […]

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