house hunting | First Option Mortgage, LLC - Part 20

6 Benefits of Buying Over Renting

October 22, 2013

Whether you’ve just moved to a new city or advanced enough in your career to afford more than the apartment life, you have to make the ultimate housing decision: rent or buy? The blogosphere is filled with voices praising the benefits of both. At First Option Mortgage, we think the choice is clear, which is […]

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How to Avoid Making a Costly Home Inspection Mistake

October 16, 2013

Getting a home inspection is an important part of the home-buying process. It is a measure put in place to ensure you’re making a sound investment. The result can have a huge impact on your ability to obtain financing through a government-backed loan—and it can effect your bottom line based on the inspection results. While […]

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The Top 5 Reasons Your Home Isn’t Selling

October 15, 2013

Even when housing is hot, there are homes that will linger on the market much longer than others. And while much of the U.S is facing promising prospects and a full fledged housing recovery is underway, there are some more fortunate than others when it comes to getting their house sold quickly. If you are […]

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The Benefits of Working With a Realtor

October 10, 2013

If you’re preparing to buy a home or wanting to sell yours, you’ve had to consider this question: Should I use a realtor? A lot of home buyers and sellers on the market prefer to go at it alone, wary of the fees and cuts realtors charge. In theory, sellers especially can make more money […]

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Tips for Taking the Stress Out of Relocating

September 24, 2013

Moving is stressful, especially if you’re relocating to a brand new city. Whether it’s for work or just a change of pace, you’ll face quite a few pressures in the process. We want to help your relocating go smoothly, so we’ve assembled some tips to make big moves without all of the stress. Explore with […]

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The Rise of the Micro-Apartment

September 12, 2013

For many singles and couples in large, metropolitan areas, spacious living spaces aren’t a huge priority—and not just because they’re usually not financially feasible for young professionals. Small studios have attracted new residents to big cities for decades, but a new phenomenon has captivated even well-establish residents: the micro-apartment. These tiny apartments range from 180-300 […]

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How To Buy A Home While Selling Yours

September 04, 2013

Buying a new home is a complicated process. Unless you’re a first time home buyer or a rental property manager, you have two homes to deal with: The one you want to buy and the one you hope to sell. Regardless of the market you’re in, timing these two transactions rarely works perfectly, and even […]

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