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Low Down/No Down Payment Mortgage Options in Jacksonville

February 25, 2018

A lack of funds for a down payment on a home can seem like a huge obstacle when it comes to taking the big leap into home ownership, but home buyers with little or no money for a down payment have more than one option to consider when it comes to securing a Jacksonville mortgage. […]

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Why Real Estate Investors Should Flock to Jacksonville

February 07, 2018

Real estate investors should consider Jacksonville as their next market of choice. As with all investments, you want the best return on your dollar. The climb out of the recession was a hard one, but this is your year. Jacksonville metro area has been proven as a great investment market, whether you want to quickly […]

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What Jacksonville’s Recovery Means for Homebuyers

November 06, 2014 As Jacksonville's economy continues to grow, you need to know the three ways it's going to affect the housing market

“Back on track” is how Jacksonville’s Daily Record described the local economy. During the recession, the city was hit particularly hard, which is why residents are especially happy to learn that its recovery is moving faster than the national average. A strong local economy is good for everyone in Jacksonville, but homebuyers have been waiting to […]

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What Recession? The Recent Boom in Jacksonville Real Estate

October 17, 2014 The recession seems like a lifetime away with this recent growth in the Jacksonville housing market.

In some housing markets right now, you’d never know the recession ever happened. It may be that home values continue to steadily increase, or that new developments are appearing every day, or that people are moving there in droves. For Jacksonville, Florida, it’s all of the above. Recent activity in Duval County real estate has driven some […]

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3 Great Jacksonville Neighborhoods for First-Time Homebuyers

September 16, 2014

Deciding where to purchase a home is among the first questions any Florida homebuyer asks themselves. The answer, of course, depends on a dozen factors—a few of which are specific to first-time homebuyers. Your starter home in North Florida should be affordable, sensible, and in a place you’d like to live. That isn’t always easy […]

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North Florida’s Housing Market Leads the Way to Recovery

July 03, 2014 Three pastel condos in North Florida give you an idea of what you might find on the market.

The North Florida housing market was hit especially hard during the Great Recession, but Northeast Florida can expect sunny days ahead with home sales increasing 2.7 percent year over year in May 2014. Locals call the Florida area “First Coast.” Made up of Duval, Nassau, Baker, Clay and St. Johns counties, the area is showing positive […]

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The 5 Best Weekend Getaways Near Jacksonville

June 04, 2014

Florida is a vacationer’s paradise. Even people who’ve never visited the state envision the perfect white beaches and breezy palm trees that movies and tourism pamphlets have circulated for a hundred years. Many people move to Florida for the same reasons others vacation there, but its cities offer more than just gorgeous beaches. We’ve assembled […]

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