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Pursuing Greatness Through Adversity

December 15, 2014

My father took me out for a beer when the housing market crashed. The first decade of this millennium was rough for anyone in the mortgage industry. We’d watched house prices soar to new heights in 2006 only to plummet months later. Mortgages went belly-up, almost no one knew what had happened, and no one […]

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Everyone’s Story Matters

December 08, 2014 Mandi Henriod, Loan Officer at First Option, loves to help veterans.

Sam and his family changed the way I worked with veterans. They changed the way I did mortgages. I met them early in my career: a family of seven, living in a hotel. Sam had served four tours in Iraq. He returned from the first three without a scratch. When given the chance to be […]

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Lessons Learned in the Breakroom

November 21, 2014 First Option employees at the 2014 Atlanta Pride Parade

Lauren Jervis is a Loan Officer at First Option. Here, she tells her story of finding acceptance and love at work.  As humans, we fear the unknown. Rather than creating a curiosity to learn, this fear of the unknown perpetuates ignorance. Ignorance can lead to hatred and intolerance. I personally feel the most effective way […]

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Pros and Cons of Buying a Foreclosed Home

November 04, 2014 If you have time and patience, you can mange buying a foreclosed home.

Purchasing a foreclosed home is not for everyone. If you’re not in a rush to move, let your buyer agent know to include these properties in the search process. If you’re on the fence, then make sure you have a thorough understanding of how the sale of a foreclosed home differs from a standard property […]

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What Older Mortgages Mean to New Homebuyers

October 10, 2014 How do new mortgages affect new homebuyers?

A few weeks ago, mortgage applications were on the rise. Reuters reported a 7.9% increase in purchase and refinancing applications in the second week of September, revealing more activity among homebuyers and homeowners in the process of securing a new mortgage. The latest figures, though, reveal the average age of mortgages has hit a record high. Despite the […]

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