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5 Great Family Activities for the Summer

May 29, 2018

Summer is well over a month away, even if it feels like it’s already arrived in most of the country. With kids out of school and enticing warm weather outside, summer is a time of lake houses and camp, road trips and water parks. You don’t have to plan a huge vacation, though, to enjoy […]

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How to Increase Your Home’s Curb Appeal in a Single Afternoon

May 27, 2018

You could modernize every appliance, repaint every room, and stage the perfect open house, but no one would notice if they never walk inside. It can be argued that your home’s curb appeal is the most important component of selling your home, since so many people judge the exterior of houses like the cover of […]

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Tips for Being the Perfect Airbnb Host

May 16, 2018 You need more than just an empty room to be a good Airbnb host. This is how you can go above and beyond for your guests.

Homes have always been an investment. They’re a huge source of net worth, a source of liquidity, and renting out a second home can be a source of revenue. Today, homeowners have a new way to monetize the biggest purchase of their lives. Airbnb allows you to rent out your spare room, ADU, or entire […]

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DIY ROI: What’s the Biggest Bang for Your Buck?

May 14, 2018 Improving your home increases its value and upgrades your quality of life. Here are the DIY projects with the biggest returns.

Whether your house is a fixer-upper or just needs a little attention, you can do well to hone your DIY skills. Doing remodels, making repairs, and improving your home yourself can be satisfying; it can also save you a whole lot of money compared to calling a contractor. But what are the DIY projects that […]

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The Top 3 Real Estate Myths Dispelled

April 23, 2018

Whether you want to hear it or not, you will undoubtedly receive a lot of advice when you start looking for a home. Friends, blogs, and the real estate books at Barnes and Noble all offer maxims and best practices for potential homebuyers, always claiming to have the secret to a successful home purchase. Sometimes […]

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What to Look for in a Quality Contractor

April 21, 2018

Whether you’re remodeling a bathroom or building an entire house, hiring a good home contractor is the first and most important decision you’ll make. Contractors aren’t just middlemen between you and the handymen. They’re responsible for quality-control, the schedule of work, and proper adherence to city and state regulations, so it’s critical to hire the […]

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4 Steps to Developing a Savings Plan

April 12, 2018

Any financial advisor will tell you the same thing: You need a savings plan. Homeowners and prospective homeowners alike need money tucked away for emergencies or a future down payment, though that’s easier said than done. It takes a great deal of effort to budget—and a great deal of time for savings to accumulate. Developing […]

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