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A Realistic Real Estate Forecast for Denver in the Coming Months

November 17, 2014 Here's what you need to know about Denver real estate for the coming months.

For most of 2014, Denver’s housing market has just looked up, up, up. Home values and sales prices continually increased, inventory has kept demand high, and plans for new construction are underway throughout the city. So what’s next? The latest statistics reveal a changing market. Even in the coming months, the rapid appreciation of home values is […]

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Denver Housing May Become More Affordable

October 14, 2014 Denver condo sales are on the rise as the city grapples to provide more affordable housing.

The Denver metro area has long been attractive for those wanting to move. What has not been so attractive for homebuyers is the competitive market over the summer and the lack of housing available for those falling in the middle income bracket. The Denver City Council, though, has your best interests in mind. The council […]

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Is This the End of the Denver Home Inventory Shortage?

September 11, 2014

If you’ve been looking for a home in Denver this year, you know it’s been hard to even bid on a property before it gets snatched up. Deemed a “hot housing market,” the Mile High City has been great for homeowners in recent months—but not so great for homebuyers. Rising values and a home inventory […]

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Denver Home Prices Hit Another All-Time High

August 18, 2014

Denver has become the housing market that just won’t stop. When the national recovery began, Denver real estate prices reflected the steady increases seen throughout the U.S. Unlike most markets, though, Denver home values never stopped increasing. Deemed a “hot housing market” months ago by analysts, Denver has fully recovered from the recession. Recent figures […]

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These Are the Best Housing Markets for Millennials

August 06, 2014

A few years ago, college graduates flocked to the coasts, starting their careers and taking up residence in New York, San Francisco, or Los Angeles. Today, that narrative is changing, and other cities are attracting millennial homebuyers— not to the edges of the country, but to the middle of it. According to new research from […]

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4 Beautiful Day Hikes Near Denver

June 09, 2014

Denver’s called the Mile High City for a reason. Sitting thousands of feet above sea level, the metropolitan area offers access to trails, parks, and mountains, just a half-hour drive away. People who love the outdoors move to the city in droves, contributing to the recent record-breaking Colorado home prices. Many homebuyers are attracted to […]

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Why You Should Consider Refinancing with HARP in Denver

May 28, 2014

Foreclosure rates have increased in recent months in Denver, according to RealtyTrac. Foreclosure filings increased 2.7% from March to April 2014—and were up 21.2% compared to April 2013. Market analysts have been quick to note the actual numbers remain significantly lower than in the most difficult years of the recession, but these statistics reveal that […]

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