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Denver Housing May Become More Affordable

October 14, 2014 Denver condo sales are on the rise as the city grapples to provide more affordable housing.

The Denver metro area has long been attractive for those wanting to move. What has not been so attractive for homebuyers is the competitive market over the summer and the lack of housing available for those falling in the middle income bracket. The Denver City Council, though, has your best interests in mind. The council […]

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Does Denver’s Hot Housing Market Favor Buyers or Sellers?

July 02, 2014 Denver Housing Market

Move over Hot-lanta, the Denver housing market is getting even hotter. The Mile-High City continues to be an excellent option for both homebuyers and sellers.  In a recent report by Zillow the median price of for-sale homes in the Denver metro area is $369,000. This is great assurance for buyers that your investment will continue […]

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Moving to Denver? Here Are Some of the Hottest Areas to Buy In

February 20, 2013

Denver ranks number one in the nation for beer production per capita, offers beautiful views, amazing outdoor activities, great sports teams and fantastic weather. It is no wonder that Denver has been seeing an influx of new residents moving into the city. With so many dynamic neighborhoods in the Denver area, picking the best neighborhood […]

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