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May 20, 2014
healthy green salt lake city lawnFirst impressions make lasting impressions. It’s as true in business and romance as in real estate, which is why realtors put so much emphasis into staging and beautifying your home before putting it on the market. It’s also why the color and health of your lawn matter so much, even during Salt Lake City’s dry summers. Utah homeowners preparing their houses for sale should consider a few of these tips for making their lawns look healthy and bright green.

Eradicate Crabgrass and Tall Fescue

Perhaps the most common weed throughout Utah, crabgrass can overtake a lawn in months with its unsightly and resilient stalks. Tall fescue, also called “bunch grass,” grows nearly as often, and together these two plants will make any turf lawn look like an abandoned lot. Most landscaping experts recommend applying preemergent herbicides to lawns, since weeds typically germinate in springtime. If it’s too late for that, scour your lawn weekly, and pull up any weeds by the roots. This requires regular maintenance, but young plants come up easily, before they’ve taken root, and they don’t ruin the appearance of your lawn until they’ve grown to their full, stubborn height.

Prevent Pests

Billbug grubs feast on the roots of grass in Salt Lake City lawns, and they’re responsible for killing patches of sod or leaving areas yellow and discolored. Because homeowners don’t notice these pests until they’ve done significant damage, preventative control is the wisest plan of attack. Larvae usually hatch in June, so look into hiring a Utah lawn care service to apply pesticides, or consider these alternative measures to treat billbugs.

Cover Dirt Patches

Even one section of dirt can make an otherwise lush lawn appear unhealthy. If you want to attract the best potential homebuyers, aerate and fertilize the sections of your lawn where grass doesn’t grow, and lay down new sod from your nursery. Sometimes the area will reject the new grass, and rather than try repeating the process over and over, you might want to turn it into a functional outdoor space. A small patio or fire pit won’t detract from your green lawn, and in fact it can appeal to a wider array of house hunters.

Mow Wisely

Mowing your lawn doesn’t just keep the grass at an even height: it’s a form of lawn care. You should never cut more than a third of the plant; otherwise you can kill or severely damage the grass. Cutting it too close—at an inch, for instance—may make it look like a putting green, but it can damage the root system and make your lawn more susceptible to weeds. Aim to keep your grass at a height of 3″, which means you won’t need to cut it until it grows to 4.5″, which can take anywhere from 2-3 weeks during a Salt Lake City summer.


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