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First Option Mortgage of Jacksonville, Florida

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7800 Belfort Parkway, Ste. 290
Jacksonville, FL 32256
Phone: 904-332-7800
Fax: 904-332-7801
Toll Free: 866-926-7800

Looking to purchase a new home in Florida? No matter what type of home loan you are looking for, our Jacksonville mortgage lenders at First Option Mortgage can give you the most accurate information and professional help on various loan types:

  • Florida Conventional Home Loans
  • Florida FHA Home Loans
  • Florida VA Home Loans
  • Florida USDA Home Loans

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First Option Mortgage of Jacksonville, FL

First Option Mortgage of Florida provides Florida mortgage services in many Florida communities and cities throughout the state. Whether you live in a large metro area like Jacksonville, a subdivision in one of the suburban communities, or on a farm in the rural Florida countryside, we have Florida home loan that will suit your needs and we can tailor them to the requirements of Florida law and regulations. Because we have Jacksonville Mortgage lenders that know your unique needs, we can serve you directly with local Florida mortgage professionals.

The First Option Mortgage Florida Branch office is located in Jacksonville, the largest city by area in the state of Florida. With a population of 1,345,596, Jacksonville is a major military and civilian deep-water port with to U.S. Navy bases and the Port of Jacksonville. Significant drivers in the local economy are banking, insurance, healthcare and logistics. First Option is proud to serve Jacksonville, Florida, and every city and small town within the Florida borders, and even across the borders into other surrounding states.