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5 Kid-Friendly Things to Do in Las Vegas

April 21, 2017 5 Kid-Friendly Things to Do in Las Vegas

Las Vegas doesn’t exactly have a kid-friendly reputation. With its gambling, cocktails, and general Rat Pack vibe, Sin City doesn’t often cater to children. That reputation can be a bit of a stumbling block for potential homebuyers who want to move there. The Las Vegas housing market is a good bet right now, but lots […]

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How to Determine Your Home Buying Power

April 19, 2017 Determine Your Home Buying Power

Whether you’re buying a fixer-upper or your dream house, you’ll need to determine your home buying power. Your home buying power is the result of several variables, all of differing importance. However, they can be grouped into five larger, more general groups that will determine your power to buy the home that’s right for you. […]

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A Guide to First-Time Homebuyer Programs in Atlanta

April 14, 2017 A Guide to First-Time Homebuyer Programs in Atlanta

Tired of having your apartment shake every time your downstairs neighbors close their door? Are you struggling to find a parking spot in your apartment complex? It’s time to invest in a home. While saving for a down payment can seem intimidating, many first-time homebuyers are unaware of the resources available to assist them in […]

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Host the Perfect Easter Party

April 12, 2017 How to Host the Perfect Easter Party

The trees are blossoming and the flowers are blooming. With Easter just a hop away, now’s a great time to get your home ready for entertaining. Whether you found out last-minute that your in-laws are coming for the holiday weekend, or you’re struggling to come up with something new to shake up your annual party, […]

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Organizational Tips for Every Room in Your Home

April 07, 2017 Tips for Organizing Your Home

Life is busy, so it’s easy for clutter to slowly accumulate until it starts to take over your home. While you may not be consciously aware of it, those piles of laundry or the keys you can’t ever seem to find create stress and take a toll on your health. Whether you’re looking to sell […]

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5 Common Home Buyer Mistakes

April 05, 2017 Home Buyer Mistakes to Avoid

Pursuing the dream of owning your own home should be an exciting time in your life. However, it can be easy to get overwhelmed and start making some blunders. That’s why we’re here to help! Keep the sold sign from being put on hold by avoiding these common home buyer mistakes.   1) Compromising the […]

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The Top 10 Issues Found in Home Inspections

April 01, 2017 Home inspection repairs

It doesn’t matter whether you’re trying to buy or sell a home; a failing grade after an inspection can cost you money, time, and unnecessary stress. Depending on when your house was built and what materials were used, for instance, you could be in for a surprise or two the next time the home inspector […]

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