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How To Waterproof Your Furniture For The Fall

October 04, 2017 (c) Green Fusion Design Center

Fall is in the air! With the changing leaves and the colder climate, the last thing you might be worried about is weatherproofing your furniture. From common wood-patio furniture to wicker, keeping your outdoor furniture weatherproofed will help not only keep it looking good all year-round, but it’ll also extend the life of your furniture […]

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How You Can Score Your Sale With Earnest Deposits

October 02, 2017 Your money will go furthest in Indiana

When it comes to selling a house, so many factors come into play. You might get lucky, but you also could be one of those with a bad stroke of luck. From buying to selling, it seems impossible to finalize that contract, or to nail down closing on that home. Sound familiar? Well, that’s where […]

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Top 5 Apps to Streamline Your Home

September 29, 2017 Photographing your space in a flattering way is totally fine, but don’t shoot your rental space at angles that deceive your potential guests or misrepresent what you’re offering.

From music, photos, to keeping in touch—we use apps all the time nowadays. Oftentimes, we don’t even thinking about it. So what if you could minimize oversight when it comes to things like your bank account, your mortgage payment, or even you DIY work? Here are five apps you can use on a daily basis […]

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2018 Home Sales Said to Rise

September 27, 2017 February Housing Market

Next year might bring both good and bad news to homeowners and renters alike. In a Harvard study by the Joint Center for Housing Studies, researchers have looked at 2017 housing construction and buying trends, and projected them into what 2018 should look like. Housing markets continued to strengthen in 2016. But with the strengthening […]

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10 Creative Ways to Repurpose Your Shed

September 25, 2017 Make Your Own She Shed

Our homes are renovated constantly, our lawns mowed weekly. Yet the thought of fixing up an old shed might make some of us think twice. We leave our tools there! Meanwhile, they hold more rust than the gardening tools inside. What if you could repurpose that shed into something useful, like ten different ways to […]

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How to Simply Understand Discount Points

September 22, 2017 Your credit score can affect what type of mortgage you get. Here’s what goes into that number, and how to improve it.

Mortgage lender’s best-kept secret are the concept of discount points, or as they’re more commonly called in the business, “buying down your mortgage”. They’re simply there before you close your mortgage as an optional way to lower your monthly rate. For every percent of your loan that you pay off beforehand your lender agrees to […]

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Purplebricks Revolutionizing Real Estate With 0% Commissions

September 20, 2017 untitled

When you think of mortgage companies, you think of real estate firms. And when you think of real estate firms, you think of one big question: Just how high is my commission going to be? Commissions are certainly one of the biggest problems when it comes to selling your home. Well, one company seems to […]

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