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Securing a Mortgage if You’re Self-Employed

April 10, 2018

Anyone who owns 25% or more in a company is considered self-employed. For some, self-employment is the dream job. Being your own boss comes with many perks, of course — Tax deductions and your checking account being your very own expense account the biggest and most noticeable perks of them all. If you’re self-employed and […]

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How (and why) to Crash an Open House

April 09, 2018 5 Open House Tips

Spring and summer means flowers in bloom, barbecues in the backyard, and open houses in your neighborhood. Open houses are an opportunity for you to scope out a housing market, find and negotiate with brokers, and possibly spot a house’s red flags. Sometimes an open house is something that you’ve scheduled, anticipated, and planned. Other […]

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How to Get a Mortgage for a Fixer-Upper

April 09, 2018 How to get a mortgage for a fixer-upper

You’ve followed our guide on 15 ways to save for a new home, and now you have enough to make that down payment. But what if the home you’re looking at needs some TLC — or more than that, some serious renovation? Financing a fixer-upper can be tough, but we’re here to walk you through it! […]

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What Is Mortgage Cycling?

April 08, 2018 what is mortgage cycling

Mortgage cycling, on first glance, seems like an oxymoron: borrowing on your home’s equity to pay off your home’s mortgage faster. It seems like a debt-fighting-debt strategy, but for some homeowners it can be an effective strategy to pay off their mortgage principal faster—if done correctly. To educate you a little better, we’ve provided an […]

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Why You Should Be Pre-Qualified for a Home Loan

April 07, 2018 What It Means to Be Pre-Qualified

We know that buying a home is a complex, multi-step process. A lot of home buyers overlook a potentially useful early step in the process: pre-qualification. If you haven’t heard of a pre-qualification, you’re hardly alone. It’s not as big or as flashy as its older sibling, a pre-approval. But a pre-qualification is a handy […]

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The Pros and Cons of Living Near a University

April 06, 2018 post

Almost every big city and most mid-sized towns have a college, university, or trade school within their limits—often within residential areas. This means that when you’re looking to buy a home, you are likely to find quite a few listings near college campuses. These can be appealing to college graduates who are ready to buy […]

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What to Expect When Moving With Pets

April 06, 2018 moving with pets

According to the Humane Society, 164 million households in the U.S. own at least one pet, which factors out to be 64% of all homes in the country. Since humans first domesticated dogs and cats, we’ve welcomed them into our lives and, at an increasing frequency, our houses. Many of these animals have essentially become […]

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