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How to Help Victims of Hurricane Harvey

September 08, 2017 FOM-together-we-can-achieve-more[2048]

Last week, southeastern Texas suffered untold devastation from Hurricane Harvey. It was one of the largest class-4 hurricanes that has ever touched land. In the midst and aftermath of such a disaster, more than 16,000 families have been stranded. Still displaced, they’re in need of dire help. Charities are often the first to help build. […]

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How to Get a Mortgage if You’re Self-Employed

September 06, 2017

Anyone who owns 25% or more in a company is considered self-employed. For some, self-employment is the dream job. Being your own boss comes with many perks, of course — Tax deductions and your checking account being your very own expense account the biggest and most noticeable perks of them all. If you’re self-employed and […]

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What’s the Best Time to Apply for a Mortgage?

September 04, 2017

So you’ve found the perfect house. You’ve piled together some savings, and even checked out the market for any potential deals. You have a budget, but now you’re just trying to see how far your budget can travel in this economy. Most homeowners get the why the how down pretty quickly, but it’s when the […]

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Mortgage Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

September 01, 2017

Applying for a mortgage can be a difficult choice. There are many details that can affect how high of a rate you’re getting. While it’s possible you’ve accomplished many of these without even knowing, it’s often very rare to get the best possible rate at your disposal. You might even be overlooking something so important, […]

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Mortgage Rates at All-Time Low

August 30, 2017

Mortgage rates had a tendency of rising over the last year. However, that figure is showing significant dips in 2017! Especially this month, we’ve seen a consecutive 4-week dip for 30-year fixed mortgage rates. It seems like everyone’s taking advantage of the lowest rates this mortgage year. Rates for 30-year fixed mortgages have risen since […]

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Famous Georgians and Their Homes

August 28, 2017

You wouldn’t know it, but some of the most famous people have lived in Georgia. Can you imagine their houses or how much they’d sell for? Well, look no further! Here we’ll discuss a few of the famous, explore their marvelous mansions, and just how much they’ve sold or are selling for. Tyler Perry, Atlanta […]

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10 Ways to Increase the Value of Your Home

August 18, 2017 A home is an investment. Here are ten ways to increase that investment’s value.

If you own your home, it’s probably the biggest contributor to your net worth. Increasing the value of your home is nearly always in your best interest, but a homeowner needs to pick and choose between the many improvement options available. Here are ten home improvement projects that increase the value of your home, make […]

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