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Considering an Atlanta Home Equity Loan? Here’s What to Look For

February 19, 2013 Home Equity Loan

The improving housing market in Atlanta and increased consumer confidence have led to a jump in home equity lines of credit being requested and approved lately.  With home prices up 7.6% year-over-year in Atlanta, homeowners are regaining equity at a fast clip. If you’ve been thinking about taking advantage of some of the recovered equity […]

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The Tax Benefits of Homeownership

February 18, 2013 Homeownership Tax Credits

Taxes are a necessary evil that we all must bear, and while paying them is never fun, finding deductions that lessen your tax burden certainly is. The favorable treatment of home ownership by the Internal Revenue Service can lighten your tax load quite significantly by offering tax deductions for mortgage interest, mortgage insurance and more. […]

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How to Benefit from a Minneapolis HARP Refinance

February 18, 2013 HARP Minneapolis

In response to the steep declines in the Minneapolis housing market and markets across the country during the economic recession, the Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP) was introduced by the federal government to help homeowners refinance their mortgage despite being underwater on their home loans. When the program was initially launched, there was a requirement […]

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3 Reasons Now is the Time to Refinance in Phoenix

February 15, 2013 Refinance Phoenix

It can be tough to determine when the market has hit the right balance between a strong housing market and low enough interest rates to warrant a look at refinancing. Thanks to a recent uptick in housing market activity in Phoenix, continued low interest rates, and strong government support, there are now three reasons why […]

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The 5 Biggest Mistakes People Make When Purchasing a Home

February 14, 2013 Making the Wrong Home Purchase Decision

So your thinking about buying a house, but worried about choosing the wrong one? This is not an unusual fear to have. Not only is it the biggest purchase you will likely ever make, but also a very emotional decision that will have long-term impact on your life. Making an informed and educated decision will […]

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The Path to a Speedy Salt Lake City Mortgage

February 14, 2013 Best Renters

With the Utah economy recovering faster than the rest of the nation and an unemployment rate that is predicted to hover around 5.4%, the Salt Lake City real estate market is poised to become very competitive in the coming year. Being able to close quickly on your home purchase will provide you with a competitive […]

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Why Now is a Great Time to Refinance in Indianapolis

February 13, 2013 Indianapolis Home

You already know that Indianapolis is a great place to live and you’re committed to being in the same home beyond the foreseeable future, which is why right now is a great time to refinance. Rates are near all time historic lows and a lot of red tape was recently eliminated from government assistance programs. […]

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