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Is an Adjustable Rate Mortgage a Smart Idea Right Now?

March 26, 2013 Adjustable-Rate-Mortgage

There are arguments on both sides of the fence for adjustable rate mortgages. Some say the practice incentivizes reckless borrowers and they should be abolished, while others praise them as a good choice for market savvy buyers. Adjustable rate mortgages may have gotten a bad wrap during the housing bubble and subsequent crash, but the […]

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What You Need to Apply for a Jacksonville Home Loan

March 26, 2013 Mortgage Application

So you’ve been thinking about buying a home in Jacksonville and you’re ready to take the next step and apply for a home loan. That is great news! If you haven’t been through the process of applying for an Jacksonville mortgage before, you may be wondering what documents you need to dig up to apply […]

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Tips to Determining How Much Indianapolis Mortgage You Can Afford

March 25, 2013 Couple Discussing Finances

If you are in the market for a new home in Indianapolis, the first thing you need to do before all else is determine your price range. Many suggest you should spend no more than 35% of your pre-tax income on housing, others suggest your payment shouldn’t be more than one weeks worth of salary, […]

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4 Reasons Now is a Great Time to Buy Real Estate

March 25, 2013 Home For Sale

There have been many people waiting on the sidelines for the real estate market to improve and now that we are starting to see a turn for the better in the marketplace and housing prices swing into the positive again, sellers are beginning to gain confidence in the market and listing their homes for sale. […]

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Down Payment Strategies for Your Portland Mortgage

March 22, 2013 Down Payment Strategies

For first time homebuyers, coming up with a down payment on a home can be challenge. Even with loan programs in place like an FHA loan, you still need to come up with 3.5% down for your home. That means that if you purchased in Portland using the average sales price from 2012 of $275,000, […]

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Mortgage Lingo 101 – Learn to Speak the Language

March 22, 2013 Definition of mortgage

A smart and savvy buyer is an educated buyer and when it comes to mortgages there are a lot of industry terms thrown around that can make any buyer feel, well…not so smart. Purchasing a home is a huge financial decision that will have a long-term effect on your life. Having a clear understanding of […]

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When Should You Consider Refinancing Your Las Vegas Home Loan

March 21, 2013 Refinancing

Housing prices in Las Vegas are going up and many people are beginning to see equity built up in their home. With mortgage rates remaining at close to historic lows and many people regaining value in their homes, it may be time to think about refinancing. Before you jump head-first into refinancing your home, there […]

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