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4 Pros and Cons of Tiny Homes

August 15, 2016 pros and cons of buying tiny homes

Tiny homes are one of the hottest trends in housing right now. And for many homebuyers, they make a lot of sense. We want people to make the smartest financial decisions available to them, and that includes buying a small home. Below is our guide to the ups and downs of owning a tiny home. […]

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5 Summer Dinner Party Ideas to Wow Your Guests

August 10, 2016 how to throw a great summer dinner party

It’s done. The house is the way you want it. Now it’s time to have people over to show it off! It’s always nice to have friends over for a good time, and there’s no better way to draw a crowd than with a good party. Here are some great party ideas to bring in […]

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5 Inspiring Ideas for Your Extra Room

August 02, 2016 get inspired to finally revamp the extra room in your house with these 5 great ideas

The kids have moved out, you recently moved into a new home, or you’ve finished building a new addition. Regardless of how you’ve come across it, you’ve found yourself with an extra room. If you’re looking for ideas about what you should do with it, we’ve got some great ideas for filling that extra space. […]

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Is Refinancing Right For You? [Infographic]

August 01, 2016 Considering a mortgage refinance? Consider the main types of home refinances an which refi is right for you.

Are you looking to reduce your monthly mortgage payment or cash-out some of the equity you’ve build up in your home to use for a big project or to pay off debt? There are two main types of mortgage refinances: a cash-out refinance and a rate and term refinance. Check out our helpful infographic covering some […]

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Your Summer Guide to Edina, MN

July 27, 2016 enjoy the summer in edina, mn

You’ve found yourself in Edina, Minnesota for the summer. This bustling town of little more than 49,000 has plenty of opportunities for great food and enjoyable recreational activities. It even has a little something for the film buff! You know we won’t disappoint if you’ve read our other guides, like our guide to Chattanooga. Get […]

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5 Smart Saving Tips for Buying a Home

July 20, 2016 Home-Equity-300x199

You’re on your way toward buying your first home. Maybe you’ve even taken a summer staycation. But you’re still looking for ways to scrape together more cash to buy that new home. If you’re at a loss for more things to do, we’ve got a handy guide to help you maximize every penny in the […]

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Chattanooga in the Sun: 5 Great Spots to Visit This Summer

July 18, 2016 great things to do in chattanooga, tennessee this summer

Chattown, Nooga, Gig City — However you know it, Chattanooga, Tennessee is a happening place to visit for the summer, and we’ve got your guide to having a great time in The Scenic City. Whether you’re a resident or a visitor, these five spots will surely make for some fond memories. Head under the sea […]

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