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Atlanta: A Real Estate Guide

September 19, 2016 atlanta real estate guide

If you’re looking for a house in Atlanta, you couldn’t ask for a better place to move. In addition to being a thriving center of global commerce, it’s also an area of cultural and historical significance. We’ve published a guide to buying near parks in the city, but this guide will provide a more comprehensive […]

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Everything You Should Know About Mold

September 13, 2016 how to identify and get rid of mold in your home

September is Mold Awareness Month. It pays to keep an eye out and understand the signs, causes, and methods of preventing mold. Like any problem, there are solutions; you just need to be proactive and well-informed. What is mold? Mold is a type of fungus that likes to grow in moist, wet places. It can’t […]

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The 5 Best Houses in Movies and TV

September 09, 2016 the best movies and TV shows with houses in them

We love houses, and we love movies and TV shows that feature beautiful homes! Check out our five top fictional dwellings and see how they match up with your favorites!  The Holiday This film features a double whammy of wonderful homes. First, you have Kate Winslet’s English cottage, which has beautiful stone walls, and is seated […]

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Three Ways to Decorate Your Front Door On Labor Day

August 30, 2016 Learn how you can decorate your front door with three easy DIY art projects

Feeling patriotic, but realize you are lacking red, white, and blue in your home? Deck your front door this Labor Day with one of these fun and easy door décor ideas by Country Living.   Decorative Monogram   Grab some paint and stencils, and use your imagination on a large wooden monogrammed initial. After the paint […]

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Salt Lake City: A Brief Real Estate Guide

August 29, 2016 salt lake city utah real estate guide

Are you planning a move to Salt Lake City? Our real estate primer will give you an inside scoop on the state of the market to help you make a well-informed decision.[1] SLC area overview The median home price in Salt Lake City is $367,000. Home prices are slowly increasing, expected to grow by 5.1 […]

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5 Guidelines to Live By When Purchasing a Rural Home

August 25, 2016 tips for buying a home in a rural area

Like the idea of waking up to roosters crowing while gentle sunlight tickles its way through a bay window in your bedroom? If that idea — and wide open spaces and small town values — appeal to you, consider buying a rural home. We’ve got the guidelines to help you make the right decision. Mind […]

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