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VA Loans And Everything You Should Know

January 12, 2018 iStock_000003050733Small

Get a free VA loan quote from us today! There’s plenty of information out there about Veterans Affairs mortgages. VA loans, as they’re more commonly called, hold some of the best advantages available on the market. Lower requirements, zero-down payments, and the most-competitive mortgage rates are just some of the benefits you might have heard […]

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Yes, You Still Need a Loan Officer — And Here’s Why

January 11, 2018 47347070_m

Prospective home buyers are flocking to online mortgage applications and automated approval processes. And it’s understandable. Filling out a few forms online is easy and gives you quick insights into your mortgage loan options, all from the comfort of home. But don’t mistake them as a replacement for speaking with a licensed originator. There are […]

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How to Sell Your House Off-Market

January 11, 2018 selling your house off-market might be a good idea. here's why.

So you’re thinking of selling your house off-market? There are many benefits to both the seller and buyer with an unlisted, off-market sale (or a “pocket listing,” as it’s called in the industry). And with the market as hot as it currently is, and housing demand outweighing inventory, taking this private approach to selling your […]

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Tax Breaks and Benefits of Owning a Home

January 05, 2018 tax-breaks-benefits-owning-home

Buying a home is one of the biggest decisions you’ll ever make. But the financial benefits of being a homeowner are substantial, especially when compared to renting. This infographic will illustrate all the ways owning a home is a great investment, especially at tax time. Tax deductions on your mortgage Homeowners are allowed to deduct […]

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The Flurry of Fixer-Uppers on the Market

January 05, 2018 With more people looking to own a home but fewer new houses available to buy, fixer-uppers and as-is properties are on the rise.

Have you noticed them? All those houses on the market that are listed as “fixer-uppers” or “as-is” or “needs work?” They’re everywhere. And it’s not because we’ve drained the well of adequate homes. It’s because the market is hot right now, and sellers can unload nearly any property, in any condition, and there will be […]

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3 Key Features When Looking For A Mortgage

January 03, 2018 first-time-buyer

When it comes to your home—whether refinancing or purchasing—there are so many different variables. With credit scores, interest rates, and down payments, there’s no wonder that such a fun experience can get stressful. But it shouldn’t be for you. With an incredibly crucial life choice, it’s important to make the best decisions. To do that, […]

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3 Tips to Make Your Home Great for Entertaining

December 31, 2017 our best tips for entertaining during the holidays

Everyone begins each new year with a few resolutions to live up to. For a homeowner, one of those 2017 promises might be to create a home environment that’s perfect for entertaining. If this isn’t one of your resolutions, it should be. Whether you have a big house or a little cabin (or even just […]

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