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VA Loans And Everything You Should Know

February 20, 2018 iStock_000003050733Small

Get a free VA loan quote from us today! There’s plenty of information out there about Veterans Affairs mortgages. VA loans, as they’re more commonly called, hold some of the best advantages available on the market. Lower requirements, zero-down payments, and the most-competitive mortgage rates are just some of the benefits you might have heard […]

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5 Ways to Save Money on Moving

February 17, 2018 22237501_m

Moving doesn’t have to be horribly expensive. Yes, you read that right. Just because you’re pulling up stakes, that doesn’t mean you have to empty out your entire savings account. Take a look through our five favorite ways to save on every move and see where your budget can get a little reprieve. Move in […]

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Is Refinancing Right For You? [Infographic]

February 13, 2018 Considering a mortgage refinance? Consider the main types of home refinances an which refi is right for you.

Are you looking to reduce your monthly mortgage payment or cash-out some of the equity you’ve build up in your home to use for a big project or to pay off debt? There are two main types of mortgage refinances: a cash-out refinance and a rate and term refinance. Check out our helpful infographic covering some […]

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How Changes in Credit Scoring Affect Prospective Home Buyers

February 10, 2018 15581091_m

Credit reporting is going through some major overhauls, many of which could drastically affect mortgage eligibility and the home buying process. Just how will these changes alter your next home buying experience? Probably quite a bit. An outdated credit system Fair, Isaac, and Company (FICO) launched the first versions of the credit report in 1981 […]

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5 Factors That Can Affect Your Homes Resale Value

February 10, 2018 Home-For-Sale

You may have just bought your dream home, or you purchased what you hope to be the first in your homeownership career. Either way, there may come a day when you want to sell. It could be to downsize or it could be to move up in the market or to take a job out […]

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Buying a House in the Spring (Without Losing Your Mind)

February 06, 2018 2481578502_83a11d0aea_z

Ah, spring. The time when the frost melts, the air gets sweeter, and you see crocuses everywhere you look. What could be better? How about buying a house without going crazy or blowing your budget? Spring is the most popular season for house hunting, when more homes typically go on the market; the flip side […]

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The 6 Benefits To Buying Vs. Renting

January 29, 2018 Renting vs. Owning

There are plenty of reasons to own a house, and most of them are far from financial. Shoppers can become so caught up in all the numbers, rates, and figures that they forget all the reasons to buy their first home. With choices that will affect your family and memories for years to come, owning […]

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