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How Senate Tax Overhauls Could Drastically Change Your Mortgage

November 22, 2017 Refinancing could give you a lower mortgage rate to help send your kids to college.

Senate Mortgage Tax Relief Last Monday the Senate outlined their new overhaul for the United States tax code. The proposed bill differs significantly, debated between the House of Representatives and Senate discussions. The biggest changes to come relate to individual earnings, with one of the largest corporate tax cuts ever seen said to be delayed […]

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Simple, Festive Holiday Décor Ideas

November 21, 2017 Bow-Wreath

The holiday’s are officially upon us! Family gatherings, holiday parties, and a general sense of festivity mark this time of year. This is also when many will take the extra time to “deck their halls” with some traditional and some more contemporary decorations to celebrate the season. But adding holiday décor around the house doesn’t […]

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How to Snag the Lowest Mortgage Rate Possible

November 20, 2017 Cut back on unnecessary spending

When you’re looking at a home, receiving the lowest mortgage rate can be the best way to save money. Depending on the mortgage amount and how long you keep your terms, low mortgage rates can possibly wind up saving you thousands of dollars spent in the long run. But how do you catch a lower […]

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How to Protect Yourself During Veteran Loan Financing

November 17, 2017 Everything You Need to Know About VA Loans

In 2007, Congress enacted the Military Lending Act to protect servicemembers and their families. In theory, active members and veterans, including National Guard and Military Reserve members, were supposed to be protected from what’s referred to as “predatory lending” practices, including sky-high interest rates and unfair lending loophole loans. The Act was amended in 2012, […]

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Capital One Exits Mortgage Scene

November 15, 2017 You might think that paying off a debt early is a good thing, but that’s not always the case with a mortgage.

Just last week, Capital One announced that they will no longer originate mortgage and equity home-loans. While continuing to service existing and pending mortgages, they’re getting out of the business due to increased competition. As the 12th-largest bank for mortgage lending, Capital One has ceased offering mortgages due to what Sanjiv Yajnik, their president of […]

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5 Best Destinations to Buy a Vacation Home

November 13, 2017 A family enjoys their vacation rental as the sun sets.

In 2015, It has been reported that 30% of residential purchases in the Unites States are from investment purchases or vacation homes, rising from 21% in 2015. This surprising figure is due to a simple fact: second homes are no longer just for the fabulously wealthy. With tax benefits and the opportunity for added income, […]

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Applying for a Mortgage Dos and Don’ts

November 10, 2017 Definition of mortgage

There’s advice all over the internet when it comes to how to get a mortgage. Some people believe in the easy way—tricks and tips on how to look your best, immediately qualifying for a loan. You might have heard some of these little nuggets of advice. Buy a car right before applying to boost your earning […]

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