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5 Tips for Dealing with Daylight Savings Time

March 18, 2018 daylight savings time tips

Love it or hate it, daylight savings time is a reality every American outside of Hawaii and Arizona has to deal with. Almost everyone welcomes it in the fall, when we gain an hour of sleep, but this weekend, we set our clocks forward, meaning we lose time. This adjustment can affect many people for […]

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The Risks of Selling a Home FSBO

March 17, 2018 risks of FSBO

On paper it sounds like a great idea: sell the home yourself, save thousands on a realtor’s commission. In our DIY age, listing your home For Sale By Owner seems doable, even sensible. In reality, though, there are quite a few risks involved when you decide to do it alone. To ensure you’re making an […]

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Strategies for Coming Up with a Down Payment

March 17, 2018 coming up with down payment

Securing a down payment can be the most daunting aspect of home ownership. Whether you’re aiming for the minimum or hope to put down 20%, saving and gathering the initial funding can be challenging for anyone. At First Option we want to help everyone become homeowners, and so we’ve compiled a few strategies for coming […]

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Important Reasons to Review Your Mortgage on a Regular Basis

March 16, 2018 Important Reasons to Review Your Mortgage on a Regular Basis

Most people buy a home, sign a series of paperwork to confirm the lending terms and then meticulously make their monthly payments without a backwards glance. We encourage you to begin reviewing your mortgage on a regular basis to make sure you are getting the best mortgage rates available. Reviewing Your Mortgage Can Net Thousands of […]

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March Madness! Getting Ready for Spring Selling Season

March 16, 2018 Getting Ready for Spring Real Estate Season

Spring selling season is approaching. While it still may feel cold and wintery outside, there is no time like the present to start getting your home real estate ready for what is likely to be a busy selling season in many markets. Even though the weather may prevent you from making needed updates to the […]

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How to Calculate Which Type of Home You Can Afford

March 15, 2018

Calculating the type of home you can afford is one of the biggest questions many homebuyers have. Getting to that answer involves several factors. Your income and liabilities, what you can put forward as a down payment, and the particulars of your loan will all determine the kind of home and type of loan you […]

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What First-Time Homebuyers Look for in a Property

March 15, 2018 First-time homebuyers are reentering the housing market. This is what they look for in a property.

If you’re looking to sell your home, there’s a good chance your buyers will be looking to purchase a house for the first time. More first-time buyers are coming into the market. Between 2013 and 2015, first-time buyers decreased as a total share of the entire housing market. 2016 and 2017 saw a reversal of […]

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