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February 17, 2014
moving in togetherThe decision to live together is a serious one. It affects not just your relationship, but your finances and lifestyle as well. Couples choose to live together for many different reasons, but whatever the circumstances, they all face similar challenges. If you’re ready to move in with your partner, make some time to discuss these five important issues first.

1. Finances

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been together: no one likes discussing finances. It’s a sensitive subject, which is why you need to bring it up before you’re sharing the same space. Many couples just think about the mortgage payment and how to divvy it up each month, but a home requires more money than that. Create a budget together, delineating how you’ll buy furniture, groceries, toiletries, pet food: everything that goes into your daily life.

2. Stuff

When you both own colanders and blenders, you need to figure out whose stuff stays and whose gets sold or stored. An easy rule is to give preference to the nicer set of bath towels, or whose ottoman has more sentimental value. You’re also both likely coming from a home where you had some personal space. If that’s especially important to one or both of you, make sure you allocate a room or area that’s yours.

3. Time

Before sharing a home, all of the time you spent together was intentional. Once you move in together, that changes, and though reading in the same room is its own kind of intimacy, it isn’t the same as the dates you used to plan. Talk about how much quality time you both want—and how much alone time you may need.

4. Cleaning

Hopefully you’ve noticed how similar or different your approaches to tidiness are before you move in together, but it’s still important to discuss how clean you each expect a space to be. Creating a plan and cleaning schedule in advance can ward off many conflicts in advance.

5. Company

It’s important to know how you both view your home: Is it a retreat from your social and work worlds, or a communal area for hosting others? You may not think twice about having a friend over for a beer or coffee, but you need to know whether this feels normal or invasive to your partner. Talk about how often you both expect to have company and find a compromise if you have radically different philosophies.

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