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April 08, 2014
Signs Ready to Sell HomeIt’s never an easy decision, even if it’s practical. Market conditions, financial situations, and basic needs all factor in to why—and if—you should sell your home, but emotions have an effect too. Ideally, everything should fall into place in advance. Before you decide to sell your home, you need to make sure you’re ready, and these five signs can be important indicators.

1. You’ve Outgrown Your Home—Or It’s Outgrown You

You need to make a practical decision before you can make a financial or emotional choice to sell: Does your home still fit your basic needs? Many new families outgrow their first homes, and many homes outgrow older families, once all of the kids have moved away. If there’s not enough space, or too much to maintain, you should begin to at least consider selling your home.

2. You’re Prepared for What’s Next

Realtors often advise homeowners to have a game plan, a general idea of where they’re moving next and the kind of home they’re looking for. This can be a motivating factor to prepare your home for sale well, and for selling it quickly. It’s also a wise investment move. You should have a good idea of what and where your next home will be, so you can begin the planning to move into it.

3. You Aren’t Too Emotionally Attached

Any space you live in will be filled with memories—some difficult, some wonderful, all meaningful. It’s natural to become attached your home, but one of the signs of being ready to sell is a diminished emotional attachment. If you’re truly ready, you’ll be able to make the decision rationally, in spite of the nostalgic associations you may have with your home.

4. You Have the Money

Every other sign could align, but if you’re not financially able to make a move, you’re not ready to sell. To be ready, you need to be financially ready, and prepared to make the investments preparing your home for sale, listing, moving require. If you’ve analyzed your finances and determined you’re able to take on the costs of a new home, you’re ready to sell.

5. You’re Ready for Change

Any change is difficult, and acclimating to completely new surroundings can take a toll on you and your family. You need to be ready for change, which often means that other factors in your life are more or less stable. If you’ve gone down this checklist and feel genuinely prepared for major change, you’re ready to sell your home.

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