2013 Mortgage & Real Estate Roundup
December 31, 2013

2013 mortgage newsAt First Option Mortgage, we pride ourselves on remaining at the forefront of real estate and mortgage strategies and developments. We believe our clients deserve to be as well educated, so we use this blog to pass our industry knowledge onto you. To commemorate the end of another year, we’ve compiled some of our top mortgage and real estate stories from 2013.

1. 4 Steps to a Speedier Mortgage Closing

Closing can be one of the longest and most agonizing parts of the mortgage process. Whether you’re purchasing your first home or tenth, we outlined four tips to make it as smooth as possible.

2. What to Expect When Refinancing

Many homeowners refinance, but most don’t fully understand the process until they’re in the middle of it. This guide can prepare you for obtaining a new mortgage with better rates.

3. Is Paying Your Mortgage Off Early a Good Idea?

It sounds like a no-brainer, but paying off your mortgage early may not always result in the savings people expect. We assembled the pros and cons to help you decide if it’s a sensible decision for you.

4. Housing Recovery Still on Track

Homeowners love to read those four words. Since the recession, the housing market has gradually become strong, once again. 2013 revealed that trend shows no sign of stopping.

5. HARP Update! What Changes to Expect from HARP 3.0

The Home Affordable Refinance Program has saved millions of Americans thousands of dollars each year, since launching in 2009. The new iteration of HARP is on the horizon, and we revealed what’s likely to stay the same, and what will change.

6. Builders Race to Keep Up with Housing Demand

Inventory remains low in the housing market. This is, of course, good news for anyone hoping to sell their home, though it has certain implications for both builders and prospective home buyers.

7. How to Find an Affordable Home in an Unaffordable City

Are you moving into an expensive housing market? You’re not alone. We created a guide for people hunting for a home in a city where most of the real estate seems to be beyond their means.

8. Experts Predict Housing Prices to Reach New Record Highs by 2017

2013 was a strong year for the housing market, and economists have already predicted how that growth will continue into the near future. If you’re considering buying or selling in the next few years, this forecast is especially pertinent to you.

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