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Besy Holiday DIY Budget Decorations

December 08, 2017 Avoid decorating with colors that clash to ensure your home remains attractive to buyers.

Bigger Isn’t Always Better—Do It Yourself! It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Winterize your home this holiday season with some fancy DIY holiday decoration projects. Using some of these ideas, you can turn your home into a festive winter wonderland! DIY Wreath Holiday wreaths are a natural, vintage way to decorate both the […]

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How To Shop For Your Best Mortgage Quote

December 06, 2017 mortgage shopping

Low Mortgage Rates: Doorbuster Deals That Could Save You Thousands Buying a home is the single-most important investment you make in your lifetime. If you’re looking down the avenue of homeownership, we’d love to help you with this financial obligation! But it also makes sense to shop around for the best rate and experience possible. […]

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Why You Should Pay Off Your Mortgage Early—And Why You Shouldn’t

December 04, 2017 Adjustable-Rate-Mortgage-300x211

Pros and Cons to Too Much Planning If you own a home you might be considering the best way to pay off your mortgage. Each month, you’re require to pay off at least a portion, but what if you wanted to take those payments further by tackling larger payments month-to-month. If your term is 30-years, […]

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Interior Design On A Budget

December 01, 2017 Bedroom Interior Design Ideas

Renovating on the Cheap? DIY on the Fly! New Year’s is right around the corner, with 2018 soon to follow. Have you written down any resolutions yet? Why not add interior design on that list? Spruce up your house with a fresh look for 2018. Don’t worry if you’re not looking to break the bank! […]

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Employee Spotlight: Kashif Tajani

November 27, 2017 KashifT ajani headshot[4494]

Kashif Tajani: First Option Mortgage’s Finest Kashif Tajani is Branch Manager at First Option Mortgage in Suwanee, Georgia. He’s a leading figure in First Option’s esteemed Circle of Excellence, and a consecutive three-year recipient of the Mortgage Bankers Association of Georgia’s Gold Standard Award. Each year Kashif closes more than 100 mortgages, while also assisting […]

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5 Reasons You Should Buy A Home In The Wintertime

November 24, 2017 winter weather

Best Chilly Decision: Buy A Home In The Winter There are two things people say to never do during the holidays: look for a job and hunt for a house. While we can’t speak for the job situation there are many advantages to buying a home during the coldest months of the year. The biggest […]

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